31 de marzo de 2011

La Quinta

Ese lugar tan querido por mis abuelos maternos está por venderse. Fui en Enero por última vez y saqué estas fotos para que cuando la memoria no ayude, puedan recordar un pedacito de lo que fue.
The place my maternal grandparents have loved so much is about to be sold. I went for the last time in January and took this series of photos, so as to remember a bit of what it was when memory is no longer helpful. 

cada nieto tenía su "árbol":

2 comentarios:

  1. Really love the atmosphere in these photos, so peaceful but still intriguing, with some lingering sadness.
    My grandparents place which they have always lived in was emptied before christmas - it was such a sad experience, as long as I remember their home had looked exactly the same, it felt like such a safe place.
    The penultimate photo (black and white portrait) is so good.

  2. I love your photos! you're very talented